Solvitur Systems addresses the full spectrum of increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory compliance requirements facing public and private organizations today. Establishing a holistic infrastructure can be a daunting task – within the context of your mission goals and program objectives, data must be secure, privacy protected, and risks continuously monitored and mitigated.

Most business enterprises produce and have more data today than ever before, but information risks are outpacing a company's ability to keep up. That reality is the IT Assurance Gap. The traditional approaches of dealing with the gap are proving to be grossly inadequate. Even if you have a certification or audit report, it is likely that report does not provide the IT Assurance you think it does or that your customers think it does.

When you focus only on the report or certification, you do not achieve a true information assurance program, leaving your company with a gap between controls and risks. Focusing on certification and/or compliance wastes valuable resources and all but ensures your business will have a security/privacy breach or some other problem. When you build a risk-based IT Assurance program, reports, certifications and compliance are by-products.

Do you manage other people's data? Are you in an industry like Health Care IT or FinTech? If you are a technology service provider or cloud service provider, you have to provide IT Assurance to your clients. Therefore your control structure and reporting must meet your clients' standards and regulatory requirements.

Solvitur Systems has the perspective gained from ongoing assessments and continuous adaptation to provide our clients with advice on industry best practices, development, and implementation of an information infrastructure that effectively protects your information while actively supporting your mission.

Our IT Risk Management and Consulting advisory service offerings include, but are not limited to:

CIO and CISO Governance Support


Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) Management

Client Information System Security Officer Support

Security Assessment & Authorization (SA&A)

Privacy & Data Protection Program