DV - Software Engineer

Reference: VAC-25
Sector(s): Information Technology
Salary: Salary negotiable
Salary Details: negotiable
Town/City: Reston
Contract Type: Contract
Closing Date: 21/10/2016

We are looking for a dynamic Software Engineer to assist in the migration of Lotus Notes databases to alternative solutions, mainly SharePoint and Ruby-based technologies.  This is a NEW, high-priority position within the Customer group.  This new position is both exciting and rewarding, as it allows for the Software Engineer to take a legacy application through the entire software life cycle, from a legacy Lotus Notes application to a re-hosted application in a new technology (such as SharePoint).  This position requires a "jack-of-all-trades" -- a person who can produce results with little to no supervision, a person who thrives on diversity of challenge, and a person who has the aptitude to decompose and understand complex legacy applications.  This job offers significant professional growth because it is at the center of a major Customer IT initiative (the Lotus Notes Client Application Decommissioning project, or LNCAD) and requires the Engineer to learn the inner-workings of a wide variety of unique applications.  No two legacy Lotus Notes databases are alike, meaning the selected Engineer would have to take a unique approach in each case.  This person would be expected to inspect existing Lotus Notes databases for a complete analysis of data and work flow considerations, develop proposal(s) for transitioning those databases to alternate platforms (e.g. SharePoint, Ruby, etc.), work with stakeholders (information management, data owners, customers, interfacing projects), and complete the entire software process for re-hosting the application to the new technology (design / development / testing / deployment of that old system to the new solution).  This person would also participate in the entire administrative process of LNCAD, such as helping to prepare briefings on the Project status of LNCAD, providing updates to managers, consulting with other SMEs, coordinating with infrastructure representatives on the both old and new systems, and keeping the local LNCAD master inventory up to date, among other duties as assigned.  The selected Software Engineer would be expected to receive taskings from and report to either the Sponsor or contractor mangers, or both, and be flexible and resourceful in how they accomplish this work (since legacy applications are not always well-documented).  This position is expected to use very good communication skills with both customers and teammates, as well as, an eagerness to pitch in to assist in team-related duties where needed.

**All mandatory skills must be reflected with proposed candidate's experience to be submitted for consideration**


1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience as an all-purpose Software Engineer -- a "software generalist" -- with the ability to analyze legacy applications and provide technical recommendations for an alternative solution.


2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience working the entire range of activities in a software development cycle -- requirements elicitation, documentation, testing, code development, securing approvals for security, release management, customer engagement, providing status updates in either oral or written manner, etc.


3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience customizing SharePoint as an SCA or have demonstrated willingness to learn those new skills.  In particular, those skills would be among the following:  JQuery, JavaScript, C#, Ruby on Rails, Java, but especially JQuery.


4. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with SharePoint 2010-2013 custom workflows.


5. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Systems, or a related degree program, or work-related experience that has provided equivalent knowledge.




Certification Requirements:




Optional Skills:

1. Demonstrated on-the-job experience as a Lotus Notes Developer.


2. Demonstrated on-the-job experience migrating Lotus Notes databases to SharePoint.


3. Demonstrated on-the-job experience with the Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver).


5. Demonstrated on-the-job experience in LNCAD processes elsewhere.


6. Demonstrated on-the-job experience exhibiting working as a self-starter, overcoming complex tasks with minimal assistance, especially in areas that are unfamiliar to him/her.


7. Demonstrated on-the-job experience exhibiting problem-solving, and working in a team environment.  This includes customer service and communication skills (both oral and written), explaining technical issues clearly and accurately to both technical and non-technical audiences.  As well as, assimilating in a diverse, fast-paced environment, working in small (one- or two-person) development teams where customer priorities might not be well defined, legacy applications might not be well documented, and where priorities might change.

2. There is 1 optional non-publishable skill