AI-Native Search Engine

In a data-driven world, Privou redefines enterprise search. Going beyond keywords, this advanced conversational AI Model offers personalized, context-rich interactions with an enterprise's extensive data, serving as a digital assistant attuned to the organization's specific needs and aspirations.

Advanced Generative AI Algorithms for Nuanced Search

Personalized and Contextually Relevant Results

Seamless Scalability for Dynamic Organizations


The Future of Information Retrieval is Here

With Privou, organizations transition from basic searches to intelligent conversations, accessing data repositories intuitively. This advanced tool understands context, ensuring every inquiry receives precise, tailored responses, revolutionizing data-driven decision-making.

Enhance Productivity through Optimized Search

Make Informed Decisions with Contextually Relevant Results

A One-Click Solution that Integrates across your Organization

The Assessment Platform for Cyber Compliance

SolvAssess is a purpose-built SaaS platform designed to serve the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and similar organizations. With a focus on cyber compliance readiness, SolvAssess is a cloud-based solution that features an intuitive dashboard for self-assessments against key compliance standards like CMMC and NIST.

Easy-to-use Dashboard for Quick Self-Assessments

Comprehensive Compliance Risk Reports

Supports Multiple Standards including: NIST, CMMC, FAR, etc.


Cyber Readiness, Realized

Get the insights you need before formal audits take place. SolvAssess provides real-time analytics, actionable recommendations using proprietary AI, and scalable solutions tailored for both emerging businesses and established global entities.

Gauge your Compliance Risk Instantly

Tailor-Made Reports for Effective Risk Mitigation

Scalable for Organizations of all Sizes